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      Hi All,
      I was going through the tutorial and got confused with Basic Assets Category, Subtype and Association.

      This is what my understanding is:-
      Cateogory : Something similar to Grouping. We are grouping the Assets here, based on the category name.
      Subtype : Subtype is nothing but a Sub class. But how it will be useful i don't know.
      Association : Associates, a parent Asset to a child asset. So child asset will get the behavior of the parent Asset. If this is true i can go for the Sub Type i.e. sub class right? Then why should i have to go for Association?

      Please let me know the difference.

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          Dolf Dijkstra-Oracle
          In a nutshell

          Category is just labeling, it is not used in the product functionally. It is just an editors hint.
          A subtype is a categorization of an assettype, For flex assets it maps to the definition of the asset, ie an asset definition News of assettype Article will be a News subtype of the Article assettype. The definition holds the attributes an asset can have.
          A assocaition is a link between one asset and another, for instance from a article to an image. It is used to retrieve for instance all images for a specific article (all 'image' associations form the aricle)