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    Find the installation Path of the current running VM on Windows

      I have a java class started by webstart.

      In this class I would like to find the absolute path of the current running vm? This is important to me because I need to start an exe file (using ProcessBuilder) and hand it the path of the java VM,

      For example I could try something like this:

      private static File findJDK() throws Exception {
      String s = System.getProperty("java.home");

      File myJRE = new File(s);
      if (new File(myJRE, "bin/javac.exe").isFile()) {
      return myJRE;
      File parent = myJRE.getParentFile();
      if (new File(parent, "bin/javac.exe").isFile()) {
      return parent;
      for (String pathel : System.getenv("PATH").split(File.pathSeparator)) {
      File bindir = new File(pathel);
      if (new File(bindir, "javac.exe").isFile()) {
      return bindir.getParentFile();
      return myJRE;

      But I would like the above code to be more fool proof!
      For example the "java.home" could be wrongly set.

      Since java is allready running I would have hopped that I could query the Runtime. But there seems to be no method providing the running java VM path?
      I also tried looking at the jnlp services API but no luck.

      I would be also interested find the lastest java VM on the client Windows machine....

      Many greetings