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    11gR2 em install / config question.

      We just loaded 11gR2 onto a virtual server running Win 2008 Server R2. During the installation of the database,
      I received 5 or 6 missing file messages and I told the installer to ignore and continue. One of those files was

      Will this preclude me from getting em up? Should I deinstall/reinstall the 11gR2?

      When I ran emctl start dbconsole I received this message:

      can't locate CompEMdbconsole.pm in @inc <@inc contains ..(list of files).......emctlCommon.pm line 598

      From this question you'll probably surmise that I'm relatively inexperienced.
      Suggested reading info is always appreciated.



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          Well, looks like your OEM installation was not succesfully.
          It would be really import to get this 5/6 missing messages.

          I suggest you to run dbca and remove/reinstall OEM.

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            Thanks for the reply. I used dbca to create a database which I had thought was done
            during the original install. It ran forever and eventually gave me an error message
            'Error Instantiating OC4J files'. When I looked in the emconfig.log file, there were
            several missing xml files in E:\app\Administrator\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1\oc4j\j2ee\


            In fact, the 'config' folder was empty. Going back to my original question regarding
            those missing files, why would they be missing? Is the oem a separate install
            process or is it done when the 11g database is installed?

            Thanks, Ron
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              It is optional in the installation process. The missing files may be issue from your installation.

              But anytime you can use the dbca and install OEM. You should pay attention, i think on the installation process the database would have to be offline, check it out.