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    ORA-01401:inserted value too large for column while inserting textmessage


      lately i'm getting a wired exception while trying to insert a javax.jms.TextMessage via JMS into an AQ-queue:

      +oracle.jms.AQjmsException: Inserted value too large for column "[here stands the text of my message ~5kb]"; nested exception is java.sql.SQLException: Inserted value too large for column...+

      The exception only comes up every now and then and has nothing to do with the size of my text in the message (i'm getting it for a textsize around 4kb / tested >17kb without any problem). While getting the exception, other messages around that time do work fine. Some time after getting the exception it works perfectly fine when i am trying to add the message into the same queue again.
      So it can't be the message itself or the general setup of Java-jms-jdbc-OracleDB.

      Here is my setup:

      Database: Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit
      JDBC-Driver: thin ojdbc5
      Java SE 1.5.21
      JMS 1.1

      Here is how i am adding messages (pseudocode like):

      +TextMessage txtMsg = javax.jms.Session.createTextMessage();+
      +txtMsg.setText("[here stands the text of my message ~5kb]");+

      Any ideas or hints would be greatly appreciated!

      Thank you,