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    RichTextEditor value change listener

      I am using the af:richTextEditor component on a page. If I type in some data and format it, then save it, and come back to the page later, the data is saved with the formatting. If I have saved data that is not formatted, then come back to the page and format the previously entered data, then save it, the formatting is not saved. When I come back to the page, the formatting I thought I had saved to the existing data is gone. It seems to me like the valueChangeListener on the component only fires if you actually enter data, but not when you just format the existing data.

      Is there a way to save the formatting of previously entered data in this component? Is there a way for the valueChangeListener to fire when there is only formatting done in this type of component?

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          Frank Nimphius-Oracle

          actually even formatting data changes the input field because formatting is added through metadaa tags. Can you try what happens if you manually add teh formatting (e.g. adding <b></b> arround a word), if this makes a difference? If it does then the toolbar base formatting is obviously not considered a input, which is a bug you should file if you can verify this with a recent version of JDeveloper ( or