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    Error PRVF-5150 encountered while installing GI on AIX 6.1 server

      I am building a RAC cluster on IBM pSeries hardware running AIX 6.1. The ASM LUNs for storing the vote disk and OCR (as well as all future db files) are on NetApp storage. I have built RAC clusters before, using IBM storage, but this is my first time with NetApp storage.

      I ran cluvfy for stage precrsinst, and that report came back without errors. But I don't believe that cluvfy actually attempts to access the ASM storage, since the utility does not know the ASM disk discovery path. Anyway...

      During the OUI installation pre-checks, I received this error message: PRVF-5150 Path /dev/usasdirvg801_asm_quo_01 is not a valid path on all nodes.

      Inital searches on MOS led me to note 1267569.1, but that applies only to Linux.

      Has anyone else encountered this error message while installing Grid Infrastructure on AIX? Any and all advice will be considered and is appreciated.

      Thank you!