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    using dbca silent mode change the location of datafiles how to force it

      usually i create oracle databases using the create database command, however im trying this time to use the dbca -silent -createDatabase -templateName General_Purpose.dbc - i have edited the General_Purpose.dbc to have the control files. datafiles etc to go to a different location other then the $ORACLE_BASE and no luck so far, whatever i do even changing the $oracle_base just dumps all into a location, how can i force it / change it - this is Oracle 11GR2 on linux

      see sample of my General_Purpose.dbc
      <initParam name="control_files" value="/u01/oradata/control01.ctl, /u02/oradata/control02.ctl"/>
      <initParam name="diagnostic_dest" value="/backup/oracle/oradata"/>

      Name id="1" Tablespace="SYSTEM" Contents="PERMANENT" Size="700" autoextend="true" blocksize="1024">/u01/oradata/system01.dbf</Name>
      <Name id="2" Tablespace="SYSAUX" Contents="PERMANENT" Size="512" autoextend="true" blocksize="1024">/u02/oradata/sysaux01.dbf</Name>
      <Name id="3" Tablespace="UNDOTBS1" Contents="UNDO" Size="25" autoextend="true" blocksize="1024">/u01/oradata/undotbs01.dbf</Name>
      <Name id="4" Tablespace="USERS" Contents="PERMANENT" Size="5" autoextend="true" blocksize="1024">/u02/oradata/users01.dbf</Name>

      thank you