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    WebCenter Sites Mobility Server, SSXA and workflows

      Hi all,

      I am trying to evaluate if "WebCenter Sites Mobility Server" adapts to the requirements of a new project. I have been reading the documentation intensively but I have not been able to find the answers to the two questions below.

      1) Is it possible to use Site Studio for External Applications with WebCenter Sites Mobility Server?
      2) Is it possible to use workflows with Mobility Server so that a contributor can accept or reject changes?

      Any help would be really helpful.
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          Mariam Tariq-Oracle
          You can not use SSXA or SiteStudio with Mobility Server. Also deep workflow integration is not there.
          You should think about Mobility Server as a preview and publishing extension of Sites. You would create and approve all your assets in WebCenter Sites the way you normally would. Mobility Server accesses those assets via REST but uses it's own pubishing model to deploy the mobile site. It's integrated to via REST and the Preview UI (which sits in the Sites container as a App next to the contributor interface). That is the extent of the integration we have today.

          Mariam Tariq
          WebCenter Sites Product Management