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    framework (CMS) like Drupal


      could you advise me open source project of web framework (CMS) like Drupal? I would like this features, Drupal have: eshop cart moduls and many others, localization + wide international community, robustness and security, posibility to build bigger and smaller websites with it (for our clients) and to efficiently manage those websites (e.g. like with Drupal Aegir - e.g. many smaller websites on the one server togeather etc)

      Thank you in advance...
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          There are very few Java CMS systems, all of them not what you want. If you want something like Drupal, for heaven's sake use Drupal.

          This thread basically sums it up: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4410445/what-is-a-good-java-based-content-management-system-for-us-and-why