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    Disabling shipping details for configurator model item in istore.

    L S P..
      Hi all,

      I am working in istore implementation process in R12. I got some Issues while using using Configurator ATO model item in istore. If we disable the"Shippable" flag for single item means, it was "NON-Shippable" item, And we never get any shipping information in istore.

      This process is working fine in istore , for using  single items.
      But the same process is not working for configurable model in istore.

      For this process i disabled all configurator model sub-items "shippable" flag, And all are non_shippable

      But when i configure ATO model in istore i got all shipping details. +(Like shipping page, shipping address, etc).+

      Could you please help me on this, how to avoid shipping details for configurator item in istore.

      Please help..
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          Pradeep Kalyan
          Please check the table ASO_SHIPMENTS

          It stores shipping information for a quote at header level or line level. At header level means the shipping information is the same for all the quote lines, therefore the quote_line_id is null. At line level means each line has its own shipping information. At line level, it can further break down at line quantity level if the quantity in ASO_SHIPMENTS is different than in ASO_QUOTE_LINES_ALL.

          Please check the above table and see which live is having the details in it. This way u can narrow down the issue,

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