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    Drop a scheduled job


      I have a job running under HUMADM user and would like disable or drop it.
      I do not have the login credentials of HUMADM user but can log into the database as system/sys user.

      When I run the below commands as sys/system user it says humadmjob must be a job or it is not running.
      This is because it is looking for the job under sys/system user.

      exec DBMS_SCHEDULER.drop_job (job_name => 'humadmjob');

      exec DBMS_SCHEDULER.stop_job (job_name => 'humadmjob');

      SELECT owner, job_name, job_class, enabled FROM dba_scheduler_jobs;

      ====== ========= ======= ======

      Can you please let me know how to stop/disable this job ?
      My oracle version is Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bi