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    I think to run a package, wont let me update table without

      Untill now we have used PL/SQL to update a table. Its three lines:

      execute dwpakke.dwp_logginn('username');

      But doing this all the time is tedious and I have made a small app in c# to do the work. But im getting some errors indicating that i need to run this "dwpakke.dwp_logginn". I get this error when I try to do:

      cmd = conn.CreateCommand();
      cmd.CommandType = CommandType.Text;
      cmd.CommandText = "UPDATE tablename SET status = 2, recordtype = 3 WHERE someid = :param1 AND otherid = :param2";
      cmd.Parameters.Add("param1", textbox1.Text);
      cmd.Parameters.Add("param2", textbox2.Text);

      I've tried to execute the string "execute dwpakke..." but it returns as a unknown. Running the above SQL without the login i get a ORA-06512 (custom message, translated): at "Database loggin must be called, packagevariables is not initiated correclty".

      So how do I initiate a login when I want to update a table?