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    Simple html service from "/" WLS

      I am no developer, but need to serve a page "/keepalive.htm" from a number of clustered managed servers (running SAP Business Objects XI3, not that that matters!).

      This is on WebLogic, not using the Apache front end, but the built in webserver.

      Is there a simple way to serve this file, used by our Load Balancers to determine a WL server is up?

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          Hi Nohj,

          In WebLogic you can develop a simple web application to display static HTML content.

          For example:

          1. Create a directory of your choice, this is what I will call the document root.

          mkdir /u01/oracle/doc_root
          2. Copy the static files to this directory
          3. In the document root directory created in step 1 create the directory WEB-INF

          mkdir WEB-INF
          4. In the WEB-INF directory create a file called web.xml with the following content

          <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

          <!DOCTYPE web-app PUBLIC
          "-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.//DTD Web Application 2.3//EN"

          5. Login to the WebLogic console to deploy application
          6. Click on Deployments
          7. Click on Lock & Edit
          8. Click Install and set the path to the directory created above in step 1.
          9. Leave default "Install this deployment as an application" and click Next.
          10. Select a Managed Server to deploy to and click Next.
          11. Accept the defaults and click Finish.
          12. Deployment completes successfully, now click the Activate Changes.
          13. You should now see the application started in the deployments.
          14. You can now access your static content via the following URL : http://localhost:7001/doc_root/helloworld.html

          Hope this will help you.
          With Best Regards,