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    process flow error

      Hi ,

      This is my 2nd post in the row as in first row i have not given the error details. i have constructed a while loop which has to be run for 7 time and seven come from a procedure.
      under the while loop it call different mapping based on the number passed as a parameter. this never execute because of the below erro please help.

      there is something i suspect that is on while loop condition i have written seq_val <= max_seq when it get replace as &5<= max_seq and same thing on assign activity the value of the value variable i am increment seq_val + 1 get replaced as &5 + 1 rahter seq_val + 1

      errer is as below

      RPE-01003: An infrastructure condition prevented the request from completing.                                        
      RPE-01038: Failed to evaluate expression declare "$LOOP_DETECT$" NUMBER := 0;function "TEST_WHILE" return VARCHAR2 is "INS_RES" NUMBER := owbsys.wb_rt_conversions.to_char(owbsys.wb_rt_task_variable.get_value(15689));"ITEM_TYPE" VARCHAR2(4000) := owbsys.wb_rt_conversions.to_char(owbsys.wb_rt_task_variable.get_value(15685));"ITEM_KEY" VARCHAR2(4000) := owbsys.wb_rt_conversions.to_char(owbsys.wb_rt_task_variable.get_value(15687));"EVAL_LOCATION" VARCHAR2(4000) := owbsys.wb_rt_conversions.to_char(owbsys.wb_rt_task_variable.get_value(15684));"INS_VAR" NUMBER := owbsys.wb_rt_conversions.to_char(owbsys.wb_rt_task_variable.get_value(15691));function "WHILE_LOOP" return VARCHAR2 is "RETURN_RESULT_NUMBER" NUMBER := NULL;"AUDIT_ID" NUMBER := 15692;"RETURN_CODE" NUMBER := NULL;"EXIT" NUMBER := 0;"NUMBER_OF_ERRORS" NUMBER := 0;"NUMBER_OF_WARNINGS" NUMBER := 0;"RETURN_RESULT" VARCHAR(64) := NULL;"PARENT_AUDIT_ID" NUMBER := 15683;"LOOP" NUMBER := 1;begin "$LOOP_DETECT$" := "$LOOP_DETECT$" + 1;if "$LOOP_DETECT$" > 2 then raise_application_error(-20001, 'Loop detected calling "WHILE_LOOP"');end if;return owbsys.wb_rt_conversions.from_boolean(to_integer( &6 ) <= GET_MAX_SEQ);end;begin "$LOOP_DETECT$" := "$LOOP_DETECT$" + 1;if "$LOOP_DETECT$" > 2 then raise_application_error(-20001, 'Loop detected calling "TEST_WHILE"');end if;return "WHILE_LOOP";end;begin :result := "TEST_WHILE";end;. Please modify the expression, redeploy and retry again.                                        
      ORA-06550: line 1, column 1115:
      PLS-00103: Encountered the symbol "&" when expecting one of the following:

      ( ) - + case mod new not null select <an identifier>
      <a double-quoted delimited-identifier> <a bind variable>
      table continue avg count current exists max min prior sql
      stddev sum variance execute multiset the both leading
      trailing forall merge year month day hour minute second
      timezone_hour timezone_minute timezone_region timezone_abbr
      time timestamp interval date
      <a string literal with character set specifi
      any help will be grate help