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    Implementing Gift Card handling

      I am just seeking some clarification as to the proper way to set up ATG to be able to use gift cards as a source of payments. I have looked at the [following thread|https://forums.oracle.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=2329967] and it did identify how to set up gift card as a payment group. But is that the right way since gift cards are not on OOB feature of the platform/framework.

      Is it better to go down the path of using Gift Certificates - which so far I have found to be a bit of work since it expects to have something to claim etc. My concern is that if making modifications to gift certificates in order to handle gift cards is that the client might want to start issuing gift certificates which will then cause more problems I think.

      So, what I am looking for is a bit of directions.

      If I go with adding a new payment group of Gift Card, I assume that multi payment is already active and ATG OOB will determine to do it on price not by item. That all the calculators are in place to determine the grand total of the items in the cart ofter applying gift cards.