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    pass value to subprocess flow


      I have designed a process flow where i have a stored procedure which get the mapping name from the data base, i have another process flow which i am calling in the first processflow and should take mapping name to run the mapping. 2nd process flow has got store procedure which run the mapping based on the mapping name value passed.

      My problem is that i don't get any clue as how to pass the mapping name to be run into subprocess flow .
      Any help


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          David Allan-Oracle
          Hi Rajesh

          There is a blog post below on parameter passing...

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            Hi David,

            I have done this through process flow and not through ombplus scripting, in the process flow when ever i write the condion for while loop or for loop and as soon as i come out from the expression builder the condition value of the condition gets changes audomatically , it replace the variable name with &2 or &5 like than. this is causing the error and unable to execute.

            example let say i have variable v_seq , i want to interate it through 7 time so on the while condtition if i write v_seq<7 it get replace something like &2<7, this is the case with for loop as well and same with assign activity if i want to write v_seq+1 the it will something like &2+1.

            do you have any idea why this is happening