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        Sven W.
        user9026725 wrote:
        The last suggestion updated all fields with 0.
        Hm. That can happen if your strings contain blanks at the beginning. How about if you show us some samples of your data first? So that we can stop guessing.
        Is there another way to tell it you just want to drop the letter off the end?
        That should be even more simple.

        this simply takes all digits from the string.

        this removes the last character if it is not a digit.

        Also always test it by looking at the selected data first. Do not update directly. (or at least be able to roll back afterwards).
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          ok, here is my sample data:


          I need to fill table b with this data from table A and leave off the letter on the end. I tried the last suggestion and it inserted all ones in my field. I am running on a test database and do have rollback so my testing isn't causing a problem.

          Thanks for all the help I really appreciate it.
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            I found my duplicate data. I found out there are some duplicates that .adm on the end of them. I would like to run my update select query that I have but exclude the records with .adm on the end. This is what the data looks like:


            what I need to update my table b with is just 1267124112

            Thanks for any help
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              Ok, I solved my own problem. I add the rownum = 1 back on it and it worked.

              Thank you for all the help.
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