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    Help in Oracle DB 11gR2 & Oracle 11gR2 Forms & reports Installation

      hello everybody

      i just want Help in Oracle Database 11gR2 & Oracle 11gR2 Forms & reports Installation

      iam unable to install 11g Database & Forms_Reports Developer in the Windows XP.

      Kindly Help me

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          Mark Frankenfield-Oracle
          You would be best served by explaining exactly what error you are getting and at what point in the installation.
          A General message such as yours will get very little feedback unless you are more specific.

          Also, which install guide are you trying to follow? The Quick install, a support note, Etc.?

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            steve newguy
            Some Preliminaries
            First off, Oracle certifies only certain combinations of Oracle Fusion Middleware will work together, so make sure you have the right executables.
            Only WLS 10.3.5 (and just released WLS 10.3.6) works with Oracle Forms and Reports 11.1.2.

            Don't bother with the ZIP distribution on OTN.

            Don't bother with the 12c (cloud distribution) of the application server.

            First, you need to install the Java JDK (Java Development Kit) jdk1.6u31 or later.

            Second, run wls1035_win32.exe to unpack and install the Weblogic server. Only install the software, do not install Windows service or run the Quickstart. That can wait until after Forms software installs.

            Third, before installing Oracle Forms, a crucial environment variable setting needs setting. To make this change persistent, access your System Properties (right-click on My Computer icon on the desktop), switch to the "Advanced" tab , then press the "Environment Variables" pushbutton.

            Create and set an environment variable "EXTRA_JAVA_PROPERTIES". Make sure that the value is set to -Xms256m -Xmx256m

            Fourth, start the setup.exe program for the Oracle Forms and Reports 11.1.2 installer.
            At Step 3 of 13, select "Install software - Do not Configure". This will save time in case configuration bombs and you have to retry.

            After a long while, the software installation process will finish.

            Fifth, you will want to run the configuration wizard. This is the most memory sensitive part of the whole process.

            Please close down all disk and memory intensive applications, including Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Firefox, and possibly Internet Explorer.

            Failure to allow enough memory to inflate several JVMs can cause the wizard to hang.

            You will have acquired a bunch of new Programs and shortcuts.

            Swing over to the Start Menu and look for the Oracle Classic 11g - Home 1 group.
            Inside you'll find a shortcut for Configure Classic Instance --- run it.

            At Step 2 of the configuration tool, choose "Configure for Development"
            At Step 10, you will start the process of creating Weblogic's "Classic Domain" for Forms and Reports 11g R2.

            It may take 5 minutes or so to create ClassicDomain. This is the most memory sensitive part of the entire process.

            The wrong configuration will cause the wizard to hang or fail on the "Create Domain" step.
            If you're not seeing any checkmarks (or the progress indicator still shows 0% ) after 10 minutes, then you should cancel and get help. ( support.oracle.com )

            Sixth, Reboot recommended.