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    “invalid LRS segment” when querying an Oracle Spatial DB

      I have a table of GIS segments in an Oracle Spatial database. I'm using C# and ODP to connect to the database. For a given measure from the start of a segment, I want to find the GPS coordinates for that point. I'm running the following query:

      select g.geom.sdo_ordinates ord_array from
      *(select sdo_lrs.locate_pt(shape,0.02,0) as geom from test_schema.test_table*
      where route='ABC' and segmentnum='101.1') g

      where shape is of type SDO_GEOMETRY. I'm getting the following error:

      ORA-13331: invalid LRS segment

      Is there a problem with how I'm passing shape to locate_pt()? The Oracle Spatial documentation says the argument should be SDO_geometry, so that seems ok.

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