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    Setting required credentials for monitoring SOA dehydration Store

    Roshni Shankar
      Hi All,

      Can anyone please tell me what all credentials should be set for monitoring SOA dehydration store in OEM 12c Cloud Control. While clicking on the "Dehydration Store" tab ubder soa-Infra(soa_server1) of a targeted domain I am getting following error.

      *"Failed connecting to SOA repository. The possible reason can be the dehydration store database target is not monitored using Enterprise Manager or the credentials required for monitoring are not set. Check the required details and try again"*

      Also under Setup menu-->Security-->Monitoring Credentials when I click on the tab "Managing Monitoring Credentials" for target type soa infrastructure, it asks me for setting SOA Dehydration Credential for the soa-infra of my monitored domain. I set the credential for the same and provided SOA Repository user name as prefix_SOAINFRA and password as the password of prefix_SOAINFRA schema and saved. Then when I tested that set credential it gives me an error *"Test not supported."* I am not geeting what can be the isuue.

      Please help its urgent!!!

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