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    want to display items in a folder using TargetingForEach

      Hi All,
           I want to display some content using TargetingForEach. following is the rule set
      Items in folder(s):
      Offer1 and
      Items whose {

      while executing the following code it gives error.
      <dsp:droplet name="/atg/targeting/TargetingForEach">
           <dsp:param name="targeter" bean="/atg/registry/RepositoryTargeters/ShippingOffer/Offer1ContentTargeter"/>
           <dsp:param name="elementName" value="mediaItem"/>
           <dsp:oparam name="output">
                <dsp:getvalueof var="img" param="mediaItem.image.url" vartype="java.lang.String"/>
                <img src="${img}" alt="Current shipping " />
      Caused by :atg.repository.RepositoryException: can't execute in folders query against non-content/folder item descriptor
      at atg.adapter.gsa.query.Builder.createInFoldersQuery(Builder.java:2108)
      at atg.targeting.rules.InFoldersRuleTree.createQueryExpression(InFoldersRuleTree.java:275)
      at atg.targeting.rules.RuleNode.createQuery(RuleNode.java:437)
      at atg.targeting.rules.OrRuleTree.createQueryExpression(OrRuleTree.java:349)
      at atg.targeting.rules.RuleNode.createQuery(RuleNode.java:437)
      at atg.targeting.rules.AndRuleTree.createQueryExpression(AndRuleTree.java:365)
      at atg.targeting.rules.RuleNode.createQuery(RuleNode.java:437)
      at atg.targeting.rules.RuleNode.createQueryWithConversion(RuleNode.java:543)
      at atg.targeting.RuleBasedRepositoryTargeter.target(RuleBasedRepositoryTargeter.java:527).......

      the above code works fine for rule set “show these content of type contentitem”.
      How can we access items in folder?
      Please reply ASAP.
      Thanks & Regards,
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          Nitin Khare
          I think there is something fundamentally wrong. Most likely you are getting this error because the the item descriptor that you would have specified as the content source in your targeter is not of "folder" item-type and you are trying to use "Items in folder(s)". It seems like you have specified "media" item as content source so in that case I don't think you will be able to use "Items in folder(s)" in your targeter.

          What you can try to do is to create a new Content Group in ACC (Targeting -> Profile & Content Groups) by selecting the content source and content type just like you do for creating a targeter. You can then specify the include and/or exclude rule for the items so that the content group gets the items you want. Let's say the content group you defined is "Offer1Group". Then you can use this "Offer1Group" content group in your targeter and define your rule like:

          items in group(s) "Offer1Group" and items whose type is ...
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            It is still showing the same error.Is there any other solution for the same?
            I tried displaying content using normal OOTB content source & type. It was working. For this the new item descriptor do We need to change any configurations?

            Thanks & regards,
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              Nitin Khare
              I am not sure how you are doing it... can you post the full content of your targeter properties file along with some details about the new item descriptor that you are trying to use?
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                We are extending contentItem itemDescriptor. following is code snippet in customCatalog.xml
                <item-descriptor name="contentItem" display-name-resource="ContentItem" sub-type-property="type" folder-id-property="parentFolder" display-property="displayName">

                we are specifying one property called parentFolder in the same itemDescriptor as follows
                <property name="parentFolder" column-name="parent_folder_id" item-type="folder" display-name-resource="parentFolder"/>

                & it is throwing error in Builder.class OOTB class in following method


                -follwing is the ruleset that has been created in localconfig

                rulesets=<ruleset>\n <accepts>\n <rule op\=and tag\="Show">\n <rule op\=and tag\="Content">\n <rule op\=any tag\="ContentSources">\n <rule op\=infolders tag\="Folders">\n <valueof constant\="fld140006">\n </rule>\n </rule>\n <rule op\=and tag\="ContentConditions">\n </rule>\n </rule>\n </rule>\n </accepts>\n</ruleset>

                I have checked for normal OOTB item-types. For that the rule, "items in folder" is working. only the problem is with this custom code.
                do u have any other solution.

                Thanks & regards,

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                  Nitin Khare
                  So it appears that you are already working on a custom item-descriptor because as far as I know there there is no "contentItem" type item in OOB ATG. It must be a content repository in your application on which are trying to apply the rule and you would be having a folder type item which would have folder="true" and there would be a content type item "contentItem" with content="true" in your repository definition. As you have mentioned folder-id-property attribute in item descriptor so your property "parentFolder" is pointing to a "folder" item. I think you can try changing your targeter rule as:

                  Show this content: items whose parentFolder is "fld140006"

                  Try changing the "items in folder" to "item whose" as mentioned above.
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