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    How to change 10g forms url ?


      I developed forms in 10g forms developer and I can call my forms from web browser with default url like http://server:port/forms/frmservlet?config=myform.

      Is there anyway the change that url like http://myform.com or something?

      Thank you for your replies :)
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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle
          Well, the first thing to understand is that when you call the Forms Servlet (frmservlet) you are calling a java application and not static content like an html page. So, changing the URL isn't exactly as easy as it would be for a simple web page. On the other hand, hiding the the real URL or redirecting to the proper url can be done fairly easily.

          All of these assume you are using Application Server.

          OPTION 1 - Hide The URL +(more information can be found in MyOracleSupport note 300326.1)+
          <blockquote>There are several ways in which you can hide the real url, but probably the easiest will be to use an IFRAME. The only potential problem with this is that some security software or browser security settings may prevent this from working. So, here's what you do:

          1. Using an HTML or text editor, create a static html file with the following code. Replace my Forms url with your own.
          <TITLE>My Application</TITLE>
          <FRAME SRC="http://someServer:port/forms/frmervlet?config=myconfg" NAME="redir_frame">
          Sorry, your browser does not support frames.  Click <A HREF="http://someServer:port/forms/frmervlet?config=myconfg" TARGET=_top>here</A>
              <!-- ADD ANY EXTRA HTML CODE AS NEEDED -->
          2. In the Oracle home from where OHS is running, find the htdocs directory within the OHS (apache) directories.
          3. Rename "index.html", "index.html_original"
          4. Copy your html file to this directory and name it "index.html"

          It is possible that the html file being used is not "index.html". To determine the correct page, you may need to review your httpd.conf file as this is where the default page is set. Look for DirectoryIndex</blockquote>
          OPTION 2 - Redirect To The Proper URL
          <blockquote>1. Find and open httpd.conf
          2. Within the file, locate this: <Directory />
          3. Just below this line add the following. Use your own Forms url

          RedirectMatch ^/$ /forms/frmservlet?config=somewhere</blockquote>
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            Thank you for your reply,
            I' ll try your suggestion :)