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    Data Base Interaction

      i wolud like to interact with oracle database in atg so i created one ds file that is xml file after creation of ds file where i have to register that ds file in order to interact with data base in atg
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          Suppose you have student.xml file. then you have to create StudentAdapterRepository.properties file like


          in JTDataSource.properties file you will have:

          In FakeXADataSource.properties you will have:

          check document for proper sentence.

          Hope it helps.

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            how it identify my dssource.xml file
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              In StudentAdapterRepository we are giving property as definitionFiles=student.xml, so in place of student.xml you can put your xml definiton file with full path relative to config folder. suppose your .xml file is in config/student/student.xml so use
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                Nitin Khare
                I believe you are referring to datasource xml. If you are on Weblogic you need to define the datasource from Weblogic console and it will create the corresponding xml in your domain's config/jdbc. If you are on JBoss you can create the datasource xml using an existing datasource xml which are already provided both in ATG and JBoss. Change the datasource name, driver, jdbc url and other parameters as per your setup and copy this datasource xml to your JBoss server's deploy directory. It will be loaded when you start that JBoss server. Then on ATG side, you will have to update /atg/dynamo/service/jdbc/JTDataSource component to provide it the same JNDI name that you specified in your datasource xml.
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                  Samdani Gulam
                  for instance take an example of Jboss , in the deploy folder of the application you place the datasource xml file in which you will give the jndi name of the source
                  While defiining the Repository you will give the datasource pointing to DirectJTDataSource which will have JNDI name.
                  From the jndi name it will pick the database connections.

                  For more information please refer to http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23095_01/Platform.93/ATGInstallGuide/html/s0406configuringdatasourcesforjboss01.html

                  Hope this helps