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    Continue processing after raise_application-error

      I a newbie to Oracle Apex. I Have a Problem that, I am undergoing some process in my application.
      That fetches 'N' no.of Rows using cursor, then each rows are processed using the loop condition & its working fine.
      But my problem is, My all process is working fine in the If condition, but i have to give a error message if the IF statement fails.

      For Example:

      //some code
      if x=0 then
      //some process
      raise_application_error(-20101,'Error Message');
      end if;
      //some code
      end loop;

      Actually, if one single row is fetched then its working fine. But in case if multiple rows are fetched where it contains

      row1-->execute if statement,
      row2-->execute if statement,
      row3-->execut if-else statement,
      row4-->execut if statement

      if these rows are under process, then first two rows gets into if statement, but when "row3" fails if statement & raise the error the Entire application is terminated.
      But I need the Application to Run continously until i Fetch all the rows.
      Please help me how to do this issue..