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    Setting custom multiselect picklist using Web Service

      Hi all,

      I am trying to set a custom created multiselect picklist in Oracle CRM, the picklist is called "Interest" in the Oracle GUI and when I look through the custom WSDL (version 1.0) created in the web service section it seems that there is a corresponding field:

      <xsd:element type="xsdLocal1:string330" name="msplInterest" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1"/>

      However, when I submit values to this field using a nusoap web service, although I don't get any server errors, they seem to disappear off into the void:

      $insertLead = array
                "LeadWS_LeadInsert_Input" => array
                     "ListOfLead" => array
                          "Lead" => array
                               "LeadFirstName" => $_POST["first"],
                               "LeadLastName" => $_POST["last"],
                               "LeadEmail" => $_POST["emailaddr"],
                               "Company" => $_POST["company"],
                               "StreetAddress" => $_POST["address"],
                               "City" => $_POST["city"],
                               "State" => $_POST["state"],
                               "ZipCode" => $_POST["zip"],
                               "Country" => $_POST["country"],
                               "PrimaryPhone" => $_POST["phone"],
      "Owner" => $leadowner,
      "msplInterest" => "Wireless",



      Do I need to use web services 2.0 for a custom multi-select picklist? I have tried submitting to the "Custom Object *" as suggested in this post:

      Re: Picklist web Service Custom Object

      But that gives me internal server errors. Any advice is greatly appreciated - Oracle seems to have an ability to stump me more frequently than anything I've encountered previously..