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    Clarification on PSU Instrictions for OMS

      Would someone who has applied OMS PSU for Windows 32-bit answer this question about patch installation instructions?

      Step 4 states:

      4. In case of mult-OMS environment, run this step from 1 OMS only. Set the OH to OMS_HOME and then connect to sqlplus as repository ower (Refer the above example) and run the following command:
      SQL> @post_install_script.sql

      Does that mean to run the script for only one OMS in a multi-OMS environment and not at all in a single OMS environment, or to run it for both single OMS and multi-OMS but only once for multi-OMS?

      I have a single OMS and think I am supposed to run it, but am confused by the insturctions.

      Thanks, Bill