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    Help with PeopleBooks install

    Roger Baker
      I am trying to install PeopleBooks. I have a Finance 9.1 application running on PeopleTools 8.51. I cant seem to find clear instructions on how to install both the PeopleBooks for the application and for the PeopleTools.

      I started with installing PeopleTools PeopleBooks by following the steps in The Installing PeopleBooks appendix in the Enterprise PeopleTools 8.51 Installation for Oracle document. I just went with the defaults to make things simple. I installed this on the server which host the PIA for the PeopleSoft application.
      My PIA is installed in E:\FS91DEV\webserv\fs91dev\applications\peoplesoft\PORTAL.war\fs91dev
      I installed the peoplebooks from delivered DVD to C:\psft\docs\webserv\ODLD\apps\ODLA.war\

      I understand it installs a different version of weblogic.

      In looking at this forum, several people posted that it will prompt you for generating a search collection. Well, this never happened. I even tried it twice.
      At first, it did not seem like PeopleBooks was working very well. I was only getting help in certain areas. I read where someone said you have to run a mkcollection.bat file, but I could not find this in my files. I also read you could geneate it by accessing the PSOL via the webbrowser, but I didn't see a way to do this. I did run a Build Registry Search Index in the application, I am not sure if this accomplishes something similar.

      I guess the PeopleTools PeopleBooks is working as expected. If I go into the process monitor and some other areas in the PeopleTools section of the application, it seems to work.

      Now I am installing the Application PeopleBooks. I don't have any documentation for this. I just installed it taking the defaults.
      The screenshot at the end says it's complete. It shows me that PeopleSoft Enterprise FSCM 9.1 PeopleBooks-Revision 1 was installed to the same place as the PeopleTools PeopleBooks. I go to the URL that it it gives me and the browser shows me Welcome to PeopleBooks, Choose a PeopleBook. It just shows PeopleTools 8.51 PeopleBooks. I DO NOT see FSCM 9.1 PeopleBooks. I did bounce my PIA (for my regular PeopleSoft application). I do not see the help ? on the application pages.

      Any ideas? Is there a seperate place where you enter the help URL for the application? Should I have installed FSCM PeopleBooks to a different location? When I installed FSCM PeopleBooks, there were 3 files that it said already had newer versions in the install location, so I opted not to overwrite those.

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          Sorry to ask, but why do you not use the hosted Peoplebooks? No installation required, no use of local hard disk ..

          When you use this you are ensured that you always have the latest version of PeopleBooks, since this gets updated frequently.
          I haven't installed PeopleBooks for quit some while now and have been using the hosted PeopleSoft for all the installations.


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            In addition to the PeopleTools Installation Guide, you can find more information in the "PeopleBooks and the PeopleSoft Online Library" PeopleBook, and in your case be sure to read the section titled "Managing the Locally Installed PeopleSoft Online Library".

            There are also a couple of support notes you should check, particularly

            E-PB: Procedure to Combine PeopleBooks 8.51 and Application PeopleBooks in ODLA [Video] [ID 1323102.1]

            If the names of the files you were asked to overwrite during the install were booklist.js, colllist.js and helplist.js, then you should have said yes. These files contain the list of books in the library that are shown on the index page. The files being replaced would only have the PeopleTools books. when you installed FSCM it wants to replace these with files that contain both the PeopleTools and FSCM books.

            In fact, there was probably a screen during the application books install advising you to select "OVERWRITE ALL" if prompted to overwrite files during the install.

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              Roger Baker
              [Sorry to ask, but why do you not use the hosted Peoplebooks? No installation required, no use of local hard disk ..

              Hakan, I actually tried the hosted first because that seemed like it would be the easiest. It seemed a little slow though, and I wasn't sure it was working as expected.
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                Roger Baker
                The files that I was prompted to overwrite were colltypes.js , doctypes.js , and helptypes.js
                I did not overwrite them since the existing seemed to be newer. I did not select "No to All" or "Yes for ALL", I wanted to see what was going on.

                I did hear back from the developer that it is working, so I will get with him and have him show me what he is seeing.
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                  Hakan Biroglu wrote:
                  Sorry to ask, but why do you not use the hosted Peoplebooks? No installation required, no use of local hard disk ..
                  That's right, but until the next release promised within Peopletools 8.53 (as rescribed in RVP), the current hosted Peoplebooks are rather disapointing, slow, and even sometimes not responsive especially for the "search" feature.
                  Last and not least, when it does not work, we don't really know who we have to complain to (see OTN PeopleBooks), whereas when you host Peoplebooks on local, you know who is responsible for.
                  But again, you're right, this is the simplest way to go.

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                    You should also look at the frequency with which you use PeopleBooks and for what purpose.

                    If it is for the developers this can be quit frequent but they will not use it from the application.
                    If it is for the end users, then PeopleBooks is usually not used that often. There are not that many end users that have to look up PeopleBooks on how a screen works, so the frequency of use here is minimal and therefor performance should be a low priority. And to make it even worse, most customers have so many customizations on PeopleSoft, that PeopleBooks on vanilla PeopleSoft does not comply to the customer pages.

                    That is why we use customized UPK's for help instead of PeopleBooks. This is fast and complies to the customers environment.