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    Upgrade from OSM 7.0.3 to OSM 7.2 for Pre-Integration Order To Cash

      Hi all,

      I have currently an environment with the out of the box Oracle solution Order To Cash using OSM 7.0.3 and the cartridges. I want to replace the OSM 7.0.3 + cartridges 7.0.3 by new OSM version 7.2 and the cartridges 7.2.
      Does anybody know if this is possible? Does anybody know if OSM 7.2 is compatible with all Order To Cash PIP versions? Is there any impact in other systems integrated by Order To Cash (Siebel, AIA, BRM) if OSM version is upgraded?
      According to the Oracle documentation for OSM 7.2 cartridges, these support the Order To Cash business process but I'm not sure if it supports all versions or just the last one. I haven't found any documentation regarding this.
      I'd really appreciate any help or documentation provided.

      Thanks in advance!