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    Exporting Graphics File to EPS or SVG File Format

      I'm doing an app yielding calculated geometric form (precise angles, distances, etc) output.
      The initial output will be entirely 2-D graphics.

      But this output file needs further decorative work by a graphic designer before the user can print it out and send it to his/her craftsman.
      This means that my initial graphics output file needs to be in a graphical file format which will be both accessible, scalable and modifiable by the graphic artist who uses either InDesign, PhotoShop, etc.

      After speaking to one of the local graphics artists, he says that any vectorisable graphics format would be modifiable by the vast majority of commercial graphics software packages.
      .eps and .svg were the examples of acceptable formats he gave me.

      Is there a Java API to achieve .eps or .svg graphics output after using Java 2D Graphics to make the initial plotting ?

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