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    Reference column value within href attribute


      I need to reference the value of the column COM_ID within the href attribute in the region source of IR. I used the following query, but #COM_ID# does not get solved. I mean, when I hover over the column of COM_ID, COM_ID does not have any value it shows up as #COM_ID# and the link does work .
      Select ....,
       case when c.COM_ID is null then null else
      '<a target="_blank" *href*= "f?p=&APP_ID.:123:&SESSION.:::123:P123_COM_ID:#COM_ID#" >
       <img src="#IMAGE_PREFIX#/images/office.png" height="25" width="30"> </a>' end   as "COM_ID",
      ... from MY TABLE
      Can you help please...

      Please note that I used * around href attribute in order to show up probably on this forum.