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    Problems Booting Oracle Linux Server 6.3

      I installed Linux 6.3 on VirtualBox and was able to sign on successfully. I downloaded a desktop via "yum groupinstall general-desktop". I then changed the inittab from id:3:initdefault to id:5:initdefault and rebooted. Now the system hangs while booting. I cannot get to a log in prompt. Does anyone know how to fix this and what did I do wrong?
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          Difficult to say without knowing any details. Did you specify enough RAM for the virtual machine? Did you modify your system correctly? There can be a lot of reasons for the failure. You can try to press F2 during system startup and perhaps see when the problem occurs.
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            OK, i started the server and pressed F2 to see if I could get more information. It seems to be hanging after "Starting certmonger". I also doubled the Base Memory to 2048 MB and changed the Video Memory to 128MB and it still hangs in the same spot.

            Thanks for the reply.
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              The following should fix your problem:

              Reset the machine and press any key to enter the boot menu at system startup. When the Grub menu appears, press 'e', move the cursor to the kernel line, press 'e' again and add "quiet 3". Then press the Enter key and the letter 'b' to boot.

              The system should boot into text mode.

              Assuming that you tried to install a Graphical Desktop, type the following:

              yum groupinstall "X Window System" Desktop "General Purpose Desktop" \
              "Graphical Administration Tools" "Legacy X Window System compatibility"

              shutdown -r now

              You are probably missing some packages. General Purpose Desktop and General-Desktop should be the same. From what I understand, the YUM utility should resolve dependencies, but apparently it misses some packages when installing the General-Desktop group, resulting in a startup failure.
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                Wow, Dude you rock! Ok, teach me something here. What is the thing you had me do with GRUB? And, how did you know all of the things I needed in the yum command? I am new to Linux and need to learn all of the sysadmin tricks for my job and I am feeling a little overwhelmed.

                Many Thanks!
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                  You can enter kernel parameters at the Grub menu to enable or disable various aspects of the system.
                  For instance: http://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt

                  The thing about Grub is standard troubleshooting and based on previous experience.

                  You are not alone with being overwhelmed with all the technology. Becoming a good sysadmin seems to require a certain talent to analyze problems and to be able to spent a lot of time with it. The challange is often to remember a previous solution. Biological memory is a strange thing, and the key seems to be repetition. I'm sometimes ok with a couple or more times, but for my dog for instance sometimes takes 20 times, usually less when food is involved. ;-)

                  Using Virtualization like Virtualbox and it's snapshot feature can help a great deal to learn by trial on error, because it enables to revert to a previously working system in seconds.
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                    I have been taking notes as I go so I can hopefully remember how my problems are solved. My goal is to transition my career from a Windows application developer to Oracle DBA and database centric work. I never spent much time dealing with the database technology but recently I have become very interested in Oracle database technology. On the advice of others I am trying to learn how to become proficient in Linux sysadmin tasks as well. My goal is to know how to install, troubleshoot and tune Linux and Oracle related products. Any advice or training resources you can impart would greatly appreciated. And again, thanks for your help!

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                      To know Linux as an Oracle DBA is certainly a good idea. Taking notes is essential. However, Linux and Oracle DBA are very different skill sets. Both take years of practice, challenging tasks and experience to become proficient in it. Knowing other systems can be confusing and even slow you down.

                      Studying Oracle is not easy. The Oracle documentation is very good as reference, and clear once you understand it already, but often not very clear when you are a beginner. Searching the Web for Oracle answers can be very helpful but is not always accurate, because the right answers often rely on the version of Oracle used. When you ask questions in the Oracle General Database forum, you will usually be flamed left and right and accused of not reading the documentation.

                      If you can afford it, try to become Oracle certified and get professional training. It will provide you with a studying plan, practice and most importantly avoid misunderstandings of key concepts that will save you a lot of time later.