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    changing lov from two seect columns into one

      I all
      i have lov based on record group
      the record group query is :
      select g_id,t_id 
      from id_tab
      order by g_id 
      i want changed it into
      select distinct  g_id
      from id_tab
      order by g_id 
      when i'm running the form i'm getting the error :
      column Mapping t_id
      FRM-30049: Unable to build column mapping.
      Form: TB_WORK_COM
      FRM-30085: Unable to adjust form for output.
      What shell i need to do in order to reslove this problem ?
      Thanks in advanced
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          Carlos Cortez

          Just erase the reference to the column t_id in the lov's propertie column mapping properties what happend is that you created the lov with the query that has the t_id column and then you changed the query, but you never erase the reference to that column in the lov.

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