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    LDAP Authentication / User-Role in a database (Weblogic Security)


      I would like to configure the Authentication with an LDAP Server (LDAP Authenticator) and the mapping between users and roles in an external database.

      I saw the following post, http://biemond.blogspot.com/2008/12/using-database-tables-as-authentication.html.
      According to the previous post, I created an LDAP Authenticator (trying to use embedded LDAP) and a SQL Authenticator.

      The problem is that it doesn't uses LDAP Authentication, it only uses SQL Authentication.

      I'm looking for a solution where password would remain in the LDAP Server and the username/role mapping would be in the database tables.

      Consider I'm using WLS 10.3 and JDeveloper 11g.

      Any suggestions?

      Thanks in advance,