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    Key Short Cut

      Hi Team,

      Previous i am using Toad developer for SQL , but now a day i am most using SQL Developer Tool.
      It very nice and look and feel is feel only black and blue colour as will.

      But i want shot cut key like toad as will is it option are available in this SQL developer are not?

      1) In toad if i enter sl(small letter) and press space bar it will display like select * from
      sc(small letter) and press space bar it will display like select count(*) from

      It want this option i know sql developer will provide drop down list as will but it's taking time some time.

      2) will click one the table object with ctrl+F4 then it will display table structure but i did not show data like toad.is it possible to see data and structure as will?

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          1 - See Code Templates

          2 - Try the object search. Open the View > Find Database Object panel. Type your object name, enter. Then double-click on the results. This will auto-open the object editor. For tables, you'll see the columns and data together as you want. We don't currently support a data panel for the describe popup windows.