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Generating HTML pages to be used offline from APEX.

derekf Newbie
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We are looking to generate HTML offline forms directly from either APEX or Oracle Database, we were wondering if anyone had any experience or ideas.

The scenario is that data needs to be entered offline in areas where there is no internet connectivity.

What we need is to generate a HTML form that can be used to create multiple XML files (on savE) as output records

The user could then login to our APEX app when connectivity is available and upload the XML files, which could then be used to update the database.

Any pointers, links or thoughts greatfully received.

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    Pete Mahon Explorer
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    Hi Derek,

    Apex is inherently an online application development tool and does not explicitly support offline web applications. I'm not sure how much benefit you would get using Apex to develop offline apps until the functionality is included in Apex in the future.

    The only way to achieve this would be to completely construct your offline application using HTP constructs. I would suggest your expertise would need to be in offline applications and Apex would simply complicate the matter.

    I believe this recent post {thread:id=2428714} is partially relevant also.

    Kind Regards, Pete
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    derekf Newbie
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    Hi Pete

    Thanks for your reply and the link to the very interesting post.

    You were right in the post that my back ground is Oracle, forms, pl/sql, database.

    Apart from a very small amount of HTML, javascript and JQuery in a very adhoc as needed way, I've never been in the Web App business "before".

    Conceptually speaking my dream offline application would be the ability to
    1: generate and save a copy of a rendered apex page that I could use offline in HTML5 format
    2: download specfic database records into separate xml files, with the barest example being just a key and source identifier
    3: use the offline page to update each of the xml files separately
    4: APex already has the ability to provide an upload facility back the the database so uploading the data is easy

    It's then just a matter of where the validation should lie, preferably in the Offline form rather than backend, where failure would require further interaction.

    We have looked at a couple of Cloud Apps that have been built around the concept of an inhouse existing database that needs external data being input remotely.
    These require a IDE to build a form displayed in HTML5 or PDF that interfaces to another app that syncs the data and then transfers the data via web services to the private database.

    Good for existing legacy applications to get a secure interface without needing to rebuild any application, but over kill for a cloud based APex app we just need the offline form.

    What we need is a web app person to do the build. !!!!!!

    As I've surfered around looking for info on this matter its seems the need for an offline facility is growing extremely fast, but the solution needs to be user friendly and dynamic. This is for end users to download the offline form and upload the resulting files, user have much higher expectation in terms of ease of use that even 3 or 4 years ago.

    We cannot be building databases on all manner of mobile devices to facilitate this process as some have suggested?

    Thanks very much


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