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    FTP services

      Hi I newly installed oracle linux..

      I dnt have internet..

      My FTP is not working, m trying do ftp tp oracle linux but root ,password is not accepting.

      Can u help me in enabling FTP services so that i can transfer packages to it
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          FTP has been depreciated long time ago. You can use SFTP and SCP, which are part of SSH2 and installed and enabled by default.
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            Your version of linux?

            see if ftp and vsftpd is installed if its not installed install from your installation media and start vsftpd service

            I have checked for oel 5 its there in installation media.

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              Paul M.
              My FTP is not working, m trying do ftp tp oracle linux but root ,password is not accepting.
              It's not working, that is, not active, or it's not accepting root user ? What exactly do you get ?
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                HI VSFTPD services are running...

                Wen i do telnet 21

                its displays error :- 500 OOPS vsftpd cannot locate user specified in 'chown_username' :whoever

                All ftp services are running, m able to ping to but stil from putty,or winscp..its not comnnecting

                Winscp say:- Network error, Connection refused
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                  You may need to check your firewall configuration, or turn it of using "service iptables stop". However, Telnet and FTP are legacy protocols used in the last century and obsolete. Unless you have a very specific need for FTP I suggest not to bother with it anymore.

                  Only ssh, tcp port 22, will be allowed to accept incoming connect by default. Apparently you have Putty (ssh client) and WinSCP, which supports SFTP and SCP. If you can use SSH to connect to your machine, SCP and SFTP will work too. If you cannot establish a SSH connection with your server, check your network routing and tcp/ip configuration on the client and server. If you run any kind of machine virtualization, check the virtual network adapter type.
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                    Fire waal configuration is OFF/disabled

                    All my VSFTP services are working on seeing ps -ef|grep ftp---> /etc/vsftp.vsftpd.conf m seeing this //this show my vsftp is running

                    but still m not able top connect from putty or winscp
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                      Are you confusing VSFTP with SFTP? VS-FTP has nothing do with SSH or SFTP and SCP.

                      Again, running your VSFTP or SSH daemon on your Linux server is only one part of the story. Can you connect to the machine itself, for instance:

                      # ssh root@localhost
                      # ftp localhost

                      If the above works on the machine itself, but not from your desktop client, then the issue is most likely your network configuration or internal or external (transparent) firewall configuration.
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                        Hi :DuDe" i did what u said and i recieved this error:-

                        ssh root@localhots or ssh root@

                        ssh:connect to host localhost port 22: connection refused
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                          Check your ssh is running. If its not running start and try ssh.
                          Try connecting ftp as Dude asked you to do.

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                            Did you perform a minimal install? I suggest you reinstall the system using the default software selection. Alternatively, configure yum to access the repository on the installation DVD according to the OS release notes and type "yum install openssh-server". Provided your TCP/IP network works, SSH will work too.