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    Migration from MDM 9.2 to DRM

      Hi All,

      I am very new to DRM/MDM.In my current my project, we have to migrate mdm 9.2 to drm we have 3 versions in this mdm but with many hirearchies.
      Can any one please guide me or provide any links for migration from mdm to drm.

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          Richard Miranda
          Use the DRM admin console to do the migration.

          - Click on the Menu : Application, New.

          - Click on Repository wizard.

          - Following the rest of the steps, to indicate source database, target database, select versions to copy across, etc.
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            1. Identify what all need to get migrated?
            2. identify how many exports,Exp to tables,Imports,Properties as this is a legacy version to UI migration it will take a lot of time if your versions are huge and also we need to perform a RECON once every thing is completed.
            3.Make sure SYSTEM meets all credentials and you execute all the steps as per Install guide
            4.Install DRM 11.1.2 and then use repository migration to create the Application

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              Did this ever work for you ?? I am in the same situation.. Stuck without an answer
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                We migrated from 9.3.2 to six months back successfully though it was NOT a simple task as suggested by Oracle.
                We upgraded from 9.3.2 to 9.3.3 first as per Oracle recommendation and then from 9.3.3 to

                The entire migration process is simple and can be performed from the admin console.
                However, I would ask you to first do the upgrade in a Dev environment and reconcile all the exports from old/new environment to find out which of the attributes are not working in the new version as desired.
                This is the most painful task I would say in the entire upgrade. There were few formulae which is different in the new version.
                We had lot of attributes which We had to re-configure.

                Other than that, things went smooth.

                Good Luck with the upgrade.
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                  We did have a lot of trouble while migrating. The repository wizard helped us acheive this.
                  I do have another question.. Now, Changes were made in MDM 9.2 for some hierarchy. How do we reflect the changes in DRM ?
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                    Please post a new message for this.