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    Question about Expected Duration for Process and Order

      Hi All,

      I posted this question in another forum but haven't gotten answer yet.
      So I try asking again here.

      I have a question about the expected duration for process and order.

      As I've seen in OSM Document, OSM report can show us the "expected duration" for Task Level, Process Level and Order Level.
      In design studio I can define the expected duration for task which the value will be directly save to the database.
      I first assumed that expected duration for process will be derived from tasks under that process and same for order that derives from processes.
      But after I've test, I found that expected duration does not seem to change as my assumption.

      As I can see from database logic:
      For Process, does not seem to have any configuration page to define the expected duration on Process page, also does not seem to have any function/logic to calculate.
      For Order, there are some stored procedures to generate the report but they are all wrapped and I can't learn how they work.

      So my questions are
      1. How the expected duration comes from for both process level and order level?
      2. I want to know that in case the actual duration reaches the expected duration, will there be any further execution to re-calculate the expected duration or expected duration will be shifted or something like that?

      Appreciate your help
      Thank you