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    can a model be salvaged without the .dmd file?

      Hello, previously I had only used dm to import relational models from an existing data dictionary.
      Today I started a logical model from scratch, with "engineered" derived relational model,
      but could not seem to save it - save wouldn't complain but never created no .dmd nor .dmdz file.
      After closing the IDE, I see i Have a subdirectory named after my model, with .localz files thereunder
      (yet all suspiciously under 1k). I had also tried exporting to xmla format, but when re-opening that
      it only has entities and not the relations I had declared.

      It also seems to be doing a reasonable job of importing the DDL file I had saved (and to engineer
      the logical model), but again I cannot seem to be able to save ?!? In this case the IDE actually crashes
      when trying to save....

      Does this sound familiar to anyone, can someone suggest how to best procedd?
      (I am using sql developer v