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    14 days work pattern

      Hi we have few employees having 14 days work pattern something like


      Means that every alternate week employee doesnt works on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

      Now whenever an employee raised an Absence request the calculate duration doesnt gives correct calculation. His absence start date is always assumed to be in week one (Day 01 to Day 07).
      For eg if he takes a leave from Monday to Friday it is always calcualted to be 5 days. (If the leave is from Monday to next Friday then that is fine 8 days.)

      The root cause of the issue is for sure that his absence start date is always assumed to be in week one (Day 01 to Day 07).

      In Extra Details of Service Screen the the start date of Work Pattern is 01-AUG-2012 and Start Day is Day 04. In the PQP_COMPANY_WORK_PATTERNS UDT the Total number of Days is 14.

      Has anyone faced any similar issues. Is there something wrong in our setup.

      Please suggest.
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          Please suggest. This is becoming urgent. Has anyone faced this earlier.
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            You may exclude holidays by updating profile "HR: Schedule Based Absence Calculation" to yes, and also run the request from Super User "HR Calendar Event Coverage Caching Process".

            Further see: Oracle HRMS Absence Management [ID 843368.1

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              Thanks oracle, we are not using Work Schedule but formulas for calculating duration.

              It is working when we have a 7 day working pattern but fails when we have a 14 day working pattern. BTW, we are GB legislation.
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                Hello anyone faced this earlier?
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                  We had the same problem. We solved it using custom Table Structure. Create a column for each pattern you have, and 14 rows for each column (Week 1 - Mon, Week 1 - Tue,...). In each row you enter the number of hours for each day. Then in the formula you control the absence duration using the number of hours per day. The name of each column matches a different schedule in the lookup type WORK_SCHEDULE. Then you associate each person one of those work schedules (Person -> Other tab). Knowing the name of the work schedule you can calculate the absence duration thru the custom table.

                  Hope it helps

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                    I think its looking like issue with the way formula calculating duration ..
                    check BG_ABSENCE_DURATION formula once
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                      OK found the issue, in formula BG_ABSENCE_DURATION we were using PQP_GB_GET_HOURS_WORKED formula function to get the time worked. This is not working as exptected. So we are now using our own formula function to calculate hours worked between 2 dates.

                      pl/sql funtion PQP_SCHEDULE_CALCULATION_PKG.GET_HOURS_WORKED is buggy for 14 days working pattern. Instead we now use pl/sql function pqp_schedule_calculation_pkg.calculate_time_worked