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    do NOT want to audit the login-session come from a Web-Application ?


      We want to audit the LOGIN/LOGOFF activities on our Oracle Database 10g.
      But the the AUDIT CREATE SESSION command cannot check the audit condition (filter) by APPLIACTION or PROGRAM information (in V$session for example).

      In our case, we have one Oracle user (normally we called this is ONE-BIG-APPLIACTION-USER) that present for many Application Users (>= 1000 users). When we use the AUDIT CREATE SESSION to audit LOGIN activities so we got alot of audit trails of the ONE-BIG-APPLIACTION-USER that we do NOT want to audit. (This causes the performance problem).

      We do not want audit the login session of ONE_BIG_APP_USER come from Web-Application, but do want to audit the login session of ONE_BIG_APP_USER if someone login directly into Oracle Database using SQL*Plus.

      Is it possible to do that with the standard Oracle Audit Vault solution or could you recommend us another solution for this case ?