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      this is the error im getting too often while using cmd prompt to access the instance...what are the steps to rectify it.plz any 1 help me in solving it.
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          Common user errors that ORA-12560 is indication of: 1) improper environment settings or 2) service not started (windows OracleService<sid>).

          If that does not help, you would need to provide some background information first:

          What do you have? (versions, os, env, etc.)

          What does "using cmd prompt to access the instance" actually involve?
          Show us your steps and output via copy-paste from command line session.

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            If your OS is windows, ora-12560 is a symptom of the database service not running, check your services applet (Start/Run/services.msc) and check the OracleXETNSListener and OracleServiceXE services are running.

            The services may be set to autostart, or not. Without a running database service you won't be able to connect to the instance.
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              windows 7 home premium is my os