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    What is this type of searching called?  Need assistance please.


      I have a requirement to create a view from an xmltype column. One of the columns would be:
      ...and the respective fragment would look like:
      Being that the node is generically named "ReferenceNumber," what is it called when I need to search the "ReferenceNumberType" by a particular string - in this case, the PURCHASE_ORDER_NUMBER?

      select m.* 
          from INVOICE i,
                  passing i.doc as "i"
                  INVOICE_NUMBER PATH '/Invoice/InvoiceHeader/invoiceNumber/text()',
                  PO_NUMBER path '/Invoice/ReferenceNumbers/ReferenceNumberType=PURCHASE_ORDER_NUMBER/ReferenceNumber/text()'
               ) m
      /* I know this is incorrect, but trying to detail what I'm getting after */
      Any help would be appreciated...I'll research how to do that in sql xquery, I just don't know what it's called.

      Thank you in advance.