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    PageRanges issue -- printing


      I'm trying to print some pages from a pdf document (special thanx to the iText library team) (i.e: 4,9 and 12).
      I think I did all good but the printer prints the entire document (bypassing the PrintRequestAttribute object passed to the print() method).

      When steppin' into the code, I got the right number of Attributes, and the Attributes map let me check if the PageRanges object is getting the right values: that is the case.
      Boolean testPrint=false;
      testPrint=Reglages.add(new PageRanges(4));
      dpjCSSMBulletins.print(DocToPrint, Reglages);
      testPrint=Reglages.add(new PageRanges(12));
      dpjCSSMBulletins.print(DocToPrint, Reglages);
      testPrint=Reglages.add(new PageRanges(9));
      dpjCSSMBulletins.print(DocToPrint, Reglages);
      Each time the add() and remove() returned "true", and I can see the changes in the debug window in the IDE.
      I can't explain why when I'm looking at the printer status (using lpq on Linux) the document to be printed is full (250000 bytes) and when printing I got the first page instead of the fourth... I stopped right there and never went further.

      The javadoc information says:
      public PageRanges(int member)
          Construct a new page ranges attribute containing a single integer. That is, only the one page is to be printed. 
      Is anybody knows if there is limitations or particular bugs using this class ?
      Thanx in advance ^^
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          I have a work around to those who are in the same situation: if this is not possible to print a particular page then it is better to create a file with this page (here I worked on a pdf using the iText library)
            private void CopyPageToSinglePagedPDFdfFile(String source, String target, int PageNumber) throws java.io.FileNotFoundException, DocumentException, IOException
                 Document doctocopy=new Document();
                 PdfCopy copy = new PdfCopy(doctocopy, new FileOutputStream(target));
                 PdfReader SourceFile=new PdfReader(source);
                 PdfImportedPage pagetocopy;
                 PdfCopy.PageStamp stamp;
                 pagetocopy=copy.getImportedPage(SourceFile, PageNumber);
                 stamp = copy.createPageStamp(pagetocopy);
          Hope it will help you as it did for me ^^