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    Auxiliary Materials


      Does anyone have any suggestions for handling auxiliary type items in the system?

      Auxiliary materials for us includes things such as detergents, filters, lubricants, sanitisers, boiler chemicals, water treatment chemicals, etc.

      We have an increasing need to keep documentation relating to these items, such as copies of specs, food grade certificates, MSDS, etc.

      Currently we are treating them as ingredient specs but we don't require them to link to formulation specs. We are just using the basic ingredient template to attached supplier documents.

      If anyone has any other recommendations that would be great.

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          I think using a material specification to manage these types of items is a good solution. It allows you to:
          - Collect techncial data.
          - Identify suppliers.
          - Participate in the NPD process similar to other materials.
          - Collect various documents using both the material and the sourcing approvals.

          I do recommend adding nodes to Category/Sub-Category/Group to make sure these are seperate and distinct from the rest of your materials.

          Extra Credit: You may also want to add some custom validation to make sure materials from this catagory never get added into a formula. (That being said I do not think anyone will "accidently" add Clorox to a cake recipe.
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            Thanks Steve,

            We will continue to set them up as ingredients. We have set up a new taxonomy for these items and a separate workflow.
            Ha yes we are hoping they won't put the Clorox in the cake mix but it might be worth looking into the custom validation at some point just to be safe!!!