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    priority for concurrent request set

      Is there any way we can set the priority for the concurrent request set in Oracle APPS. So while executing, it takes the priority over the other normal default priority requests ?
      I know we can do it for concurrent request.
      And we can set the profile to set the priority at user/responsibility level. But I want to set the priority for one of the request set only.

      This is for Oracle Apps 11i
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          Srini Chavali-Oracle
          AFAIK, you cannot set the priority at the request set level, but individual concurrent programs that make up the request set can have a priority defined.

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            Hussein Sawwan-Oracle
            The priority is linked with the executable name of the concurrent program (as you see in System Administrator responsibility > Concurrent > Program > Define) and this is not applicable to Requests Sets. -- Please see this link for details.

            (Executable) Priority

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              Thank you for your help.

              I have figure out the way.

              Every “Request Set” when defined also saves a record in “Concurrent -> Program -> Define” form (FND_CONCURRENT_PROGRAMS table) with the name as “Request Set <req set name>”.

              So, the priority of a request set can be changed the same way as that of a concurrent program’s (nav: Concurrent -> Program –Define -> search for “Request Set <req set name>” program). This will set the priority of the request set for all the users who run it.

              If we want to set the “request set” priority for ONLY one user, then user needs to schedule the request set from his/her id and priority can be changed by clicking on “View Details” of a “Pending/ Scheduled” request set.