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    Error reading groups from openLdap - Security:090278

      I have OBIEE running on 64bit Linux Centos and I'm trying to import users/groups from my openLdap server.

      I configured a new provider like this:

      -Users: ou=People,dc=[MyDC],dc=[MyDC]
      -No filters for users
      -oject class users:person
      -name attribute: uid

      -Groups: ou=groups,dc=[MyDC],dc=[MyDC]
      -No filters for groups

      -object class staticgroup=groupofnames
      -attribute for member=member
      -Dn from Dn member=(&(member=%M)(objectclass=groupofnames))

      now I can see my users in weblogic console, under default security realm myrealm, but not my groups.
      and, when i try to see groups of my users, I have en error

      [Security:090278]Error listing member groups User123

      I tried to change Dn from Dn Member to null but with no results.

      there is something wrong in my new provider?
      there is a log or something I can check to fix this error?