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    Upgrade from 11202 to 11203

      Hi all,

      DB : 64-bit
      OS : RHEL 5.7 64-bit

      I want to upgrade from to so I want to know that is there any extra liscence require to install

      And from 11.2 we have to install a new software in new Oracle Home so what are major steps I have to take?

      Suppose after installation of new ORACLE Home is there any utility to uninstall old Oracle home of in Linux?

      Please suggest....

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          Srini Chavali-Oracle
          You are eligible to upgrade to as long as you are paying for maintenance/support on

          As you stated, you will have to install in a new ORACLE_HOME, then follow the steps in the README to perform the upgrade.

          Important Changes to Oracle Database Patch Sets Starting With [ID 1189783.1]

          After a successful upgrade, you can de-install the software by following the documentation - http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/install.112/e24321/remove_oracle_sw.htm#CEGBAJIA

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            Hi Srini,

            Thanks for reply......

            Suppose I am keeping old Oracle Home for safer side and installing new Oracle Home on another mount point.
            So waht will happen to existing '/etc/oratab' and '/etc/oraInst.loc' file?
            It will be overwrited or new files will created?
            If it is overwriting that old files then at the time deinstallation of old Oracle home it can remove new Oracle home's files....

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              1)Your /etc/oratab would be updated with new home details.
              2)You can deinstall old oracle home
              Use dbua to upgrade your databases, its quite easy and simple
              export ORACLE_HOME=
              export PATH=$ORALCE_HOME/bin:$PATH
              dbua -silent -sid <>
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                Hi vreddy,

                Thanks for reply.....

                While creating new home oratab will be updated but at the time of deinstallation of old ORA_HOME is there any impact on new home?....because in oratab there will be new Oracle home.

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                  No there is no impact for new ORACLE_HOME ( installed when you perform deinstall of old ORACLE_HOME (

                  Generally its not advisable to deinstall till you feel post upgrade the database is stable. If you need to use the old ORACLE_HOME for some reasons you will be with no options but to perform install again or copy from some other location.

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