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    CLDC emulator is not showing windows mobile emulator as a registered device


      I want to run one J2ME application on windows mobile 6 emulator. I have done the setup using CLDC emulation on windows Mobile Emulator.
      After doing installation of CLDC on emulator, need to register the emulator IP address in SDK. Done that using device-address.exe . Its done successfully.

      Though device manager shows IP as its registered address, but emulator does not show the device emulator in its devices list.
      emulator.exe -Xquery ------------> does not show windows mobile emulator it its devices list.

      Can anyone please help for this. Without this am not able to run my J2ME application on windows mobile emulator.

      FYI: I have installed MS Virtual PC but windows mobile 6 emulator is not binded to Virtual Machine Network Services Driver. Because, I am not getting this in drop-down list of adpaters.
      I believe it will not make any effect.

      Please help.