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    RAC Testing


      Currently our production is running on RAC. I need to upgrade to it to RAC. Do I test my application on RAC ??? Or testing application on stand-alone is enough??

      Need your valuable suggestion

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          Iordan Iotzov
          Ideally, you should test with exactly the same configuration you are going to use in production – in your case RAC.

          On a separate note – why not upgrade to a higher version. Newer Oracle versions are so much better and would be supported for a long time...

          Iordan Iotzov
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            Hi Saikat,

            Your testing environment should match the exact version, including PSUs and interim patches, as your production environment. If you have a test RAC cluster (which shouldn't be a problem considering you could always virtualize a test environment), that would be ideal. That way you could test both the PSU installation and application against the testing environment before touching anything in production.